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30 day

Mindfulness Practice

To be effective, mindfulness requires an embodied engagement on the part of anyone hoping to derive some benefit

from it. Mindfulness is a practice, a way of being rather than a good idea or a clever technique.

It is most beneficial if you take it as a strong commitment to yourself, one that requires a degree of stick-to-it-ness and discipline while at the same time being playful and bringing to each moment as best as you can, a certain ease and lightness of touch a gesture of kindness and self-compassion. 

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Time & Location

1- 29 February 2024

Daily practice from12:15 to 12:45 UK Time by Zoom

Practising in a Community

Even if we know the powerful influence of meditating on one's health, wellbeing and happiness it can be hard sometimes to find the will to sit and practice. So my intention with this 30 day challenge is to offer you the opportunity to practice with me and a community of like minded souls. It is always more powerful to practice together. 

Practising Silence 

Practising silence means making a commitment to take a certain amount of time to simply Be. Experiencing silence means periodically withdrawing from the activity of speech.  It also means periodically withdrawing from such activities as watching television, listening to the radio or reading a book.  If you never give yourself the opportunity to experience silence, this create inner turbulence in your inner dialogue.  What happens when you go into this experience of silence? Initially your internal dialogue becomes even more turbulent.... A sense of urgency and anxiety suddenly comes over. But as you stay with the experience, your inner dialogue begins to quieten and soon the silence becomes profound. This is because after a while the mind gives up. It realizes that there is no point in going around and around if you - the Self, the choice-maker are not going to speak. Period. Then, as the internal dialogue quietens, you begin to experience the stillness of the field of pure potentiality. 

Deepak Chopra



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