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Employees who practice mindfulness have les emotional exhaustion, better work-life balance and better job performance ratings.


True sustainable change only happens from the inside out

Whenever we want to create true lasting change, the place to start is the mind. Being able to effectively handle stress, have clarity, focus, energy and emotional intelligence are some of the best investments we can make in our lives and our businesses. Every day in many workplaces, time, money and productivity are wasted due to overwhelmed, unfocused and tired teams.

Mindfulness meditation is a powerful tool that can help us optimise the performance of the mind in these ways to keep up with the demands of our increasingly complex world.


Just like our bodies, our minds do need training to function at their best.



As the popularity of mindfulness has exploded over the past decade, it has been implemented in many different sectors, including schools, hospitals, corporations, and government. A large body of research now demonstrates conclusively that training in mindfulness leads to:​​

  • Improved productivity

  • Less mistakes

  • Better stress resilience

  • More creativity

  • Greater job satisfaction leading to better staff retention

  • Improved teamwork
 and better workplace environments due to more harmonious relationships

  • Less workplace conflict and improved conflict resolution

  • Lower levels absenteeism due to improved health and lowered stress levels

  • Structural changes in the brain associated with enhanced mental performance

  • Enhanced immune function and improved physical and mental well-being

  • Greater happiness


Razeea inspire herself from the wealth of experience she has gained from developing an award winning mindfulness programme in one of the biggest Pharmaceutical company.  She brings together a blend of mindfulness and emotional intelligence skills as well as a little ‘time out’ so that you and your team will leave feeling inspired, relaxed and armed with powerful new insights to take back into daily life in the workplace.

The mindfulness in the workplace programme can be delivered
as series of 30 minutes, and each session consist of 15 mins
teaching and 15 in practice.

Topics are:

Introduction to Mindfulness

Mindfulness at work

Mindfulness and energy management:

Developing Mental Fitness

Our body as a window on the mind

Mindfulness for self-compassion

Mindfulness for Leaders

Developing Mind Time


These sessions can also be customised to specific needs of your workplace as needed.


Let go of living in fear, stress and negativity. and start living from love, purpose and strength

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Mindfulness in schools is about teaching children to pay attention instead of ordering them.

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