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Razeea Lemaignen

Global Mindfulness Leader

Razeea is a  therapist, coach, speaker, mindfulness teacher and is the founder of the Award winning global Mindfulness Programme at GSK (leading Pharmaceutical company with over 100,000 employees).

Having experienced the huge impact of mindfulness in both her personal and professional life, Razeea is determined to bring this into the workplace.  Since 2014 she has been practicing together with thousands of employees across the globe. Razeea has a particular interest in making mindfulness very easily accessible to employees and embedding it into the organisation’s architecture to achieve sustainable behaviour change. 

She is a Board Member of the Mindfulness Workplace Community  which is managed by the Mindfulness Initiative, a UK govt initiative working with legislators around the world who practice mindfulness and help them to make capacities of heart and mind serious considerations of public policy. She contributed to their latest publication, The Case for Mindfulness in the Workplace.

She runs & attend mindfulness retreats all over the world. Her mindfulness sessions have been translated and recorded into 15 languages. She is a regular speaker at international conferences. As a passionate mother and her love for children she has also been teaching mindfulness in schools.

More recently Razeea is completing a Masters degree in Psychosynthesis Psychology with the intention to become a psychotherapist. 


Razeea has been credited and acknowledged for her hard work, efforts and knowledge in various publications.


The gift of Presence – A mindfulness Guide for Women (Caroline Welch)

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Building the Case for Mindfulness in the workplace – The Mindfulness Initiative

Case study: the power of Internal Champions in The conscious Effect: 50 Lessons for Better Organizational Well being (Natasha Wallace)

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