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Mindfulness in school is about teaching children to pay attention instead of yelling at them to pay attention



Mindfulness. Why do it?

Mindfulness in schools can help young people not only to manage difficulties but to flourish. And it can also help their teachers.


Wellbeing & Mental Health

As well as helping them to recognise worry, manage difficulties and cope with exams, developing a more mindful awareness also helps children and young people to appreciate what is going well and to flourish.

Concentration & Cognition

Mindfulness trains us to understand and direct our attention with greater awareness and skill. This may improve the capacity of children to concentrate and be less distracted, as well as their working memory
and ability to plan.

Social & Emotional Learning

Mindfulness is often taught in the context of PSHE. It helps to develop a greater awareness of relationships and how to manage them (including difficult ones at home), as well as offering a richer understanding of things like self-esteem and optimism.


Mindfulness may help the young to self-regulate more effectively, manage impulsivity and reduce conflict and oppositional behaviour. It should not, however, be used as a disciplinary tool.


The Mindfulness In Schools Programme led By Razeea has been a complete game changer for us. Razeea set up a safe, calm supportive environment  for a large group of children from various backgrounds facing many different challenges in their young lives to work together through the strategies she provided to deal with issues as and when they arise. The children were engaged and applied the learnt strategies to their everyday lives both at home and at school. Razeea delivered it in a way that was special and focussed on each child as an individual. The feedback from the children and the staff involved was very positive.  My staff now also want to do the training, we all really believe in it.
Pam Virdee, Head teacher at Longfield Primary School


Let go of living in fear, stress and negativity. and start living from love, purpose and strength

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Employees who practice mindfulness have les emotional exhaustion, better work-life balance and better job performance ratings.

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