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Disconnect to Reconnect
Weekend Mindfulness Retreat in the Lake District 

This weekend will offer the opportunity for those who already have a mindfulness practice to deepen their experience. There will be extended periods of practice, opportunities to work with silence, plus explorations of themes that arise in the moment and in our lives. There will also be opportunity to eat, share and be together as a group of meditation practitioners. Experience a weekend of moving deeply into 'being', with others, in the contained space of a practice retreat.

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Time & Location

4- 6 Feb 2022   |  Ambleside I The Lake District

About The Event

These times that we have been living through have imposed a certain degree of disconnection on us all.
This disconnection will have taken a wide range of forms and there are mixed emotions about reconnection in many. Many feel resistance to reconnecting with work, friends and family, in the same way as before, but fear that
they will have no choice.

Disconnect to Reconnect offers you pause and space to notice where you are, what you need and want, and to make conscious choice about how you live and work, rather than simply living out old patterns.

Being mindful involves intentionally paying attention to each moment of our experience with an openness and curiosity to how it actually is. Developing our capacity to do so can help us to step aside from our habitual tendencies to automatically react to how we'd like life to be - patterns that often unintentionally make life harder rather easier. Through mindful awareness space opens up revealing more choices as to how to move towards a greater sense of well-being, including enabling us to face changes and challenges from a calmer and more conscious standpoint. More than ever before this has become an essential skill to cultivate.

The Programme:

This retreat will be small and personal. In this way I intend to offer the value of a nourishing retreat experience, holding a safe and gentle space for your exploration of mindfulness. The day will consist of periods of directed group work, small group dialogue and inquiry, yoga, mindful trekking and walking, individual practice and periods of silence. 

All food will be homemade and vegetarian. Soft drinks, tea, coffee, fruit and homemade cakes available throughout the day. Accommodation will be in shared cottages, either twin bedded room or single occupancy of a double bedded room.

Friday : Arrival from 4 pm

Saturday:  Full day of practice from 7:30 am to 7pm (includes mindful trekking and walking)

Sunday: Ends at 3pm

The Space:

The retreat will be held on Gove Farm  surrounded by 165 acres of grass and woodland. You will stay in luxury Lake District Cottages in the beautiful Stock Valley. They are reached by a private drive from Ambleside which runs past Stockghyll Falls, climbing to 700 feet and offering some of the finest panoramic views in the Lake District. You will be able to relax in the gardens, or freely explore the farm. Every photo you see here was taken on the farm so you know exactly what to expect during your stay!


The price per person is £300.  

Cancellation Insurance:

We strongly advise that you take out cancellation insurance in case you need to cancel your retreat due to ill health, adverse weather or any other insurable reason. 

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