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There is an inherent calling in all human beings to evolve and create - to thrive rather than survive

Coaching is about evoking excellence in others. It is a powerful professional partnership between an individual (or team being coached) and coach to facilitate self-awareness, mindset shift, new behaviours and new choices towards achieving a previously identified vision or set of goals.

Coaching works by identifying the gaps between where people and teams are and where they want to be and systematically and dynamically sets about bridging those gaps in a bespoke manner.

I work in sets of 6 x 1h sessions over 3-4 months (one session every 2 to 3 weeks), to give a realistic frame for what you want to achieve over that period. This can then be extended as required.


Sessions can be conducted in person or via phone or Skype.
£50 for a one hour session.
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