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Every time we take a breath, we become the universe. The very moment of creation is contained in us and passes on to rocks and trees, animals and fish. The old ones say the essence of life is in water and wind, earth and breath, fire and bone, but most of all in breath, our first connection to the elk, the hawk, the bear, and the buffalo.

Without breath, no connection.

Without connection, no creation.

Without creation, no breath.

This is the sacred circle of life, unbroken.

Razeea is a Coach, speaker, mindfulness teacher and is the founder of the Award winning global Mindfulness Programme at GSK (leading Pharmaceutical company with over 100,000 employees).

Having experienced the huge impact of mindfulness in both her personal and professional life, Razeea is determined to bring this into the workplace.  Since 2014 she has been practicing together with thousands of employees across the globe. Razeea has a particular interest in making mindfulness very easily accessible to employees and embedding it into the organisation’s architecture to achieve sustainable behaviour change.



Find a plan that works for you or your industry. Get the most out of your wellness and classes with a plan that suits you and your organisation


Journeying alongside you and explore your painful and difficult feelings and gain insight


Just like our bodies, our minds
do need training to function
at their best.

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Mindfulness in schools is about teaching children to pay attention instead of ordering them.


Vilma and Simonas Ivaskeviciene

I just want to thank you for those six weeks of very useful meetings. The mindfulness course, teaching us techniques and hearty conversations with you was really helpful not only for my son but also for me. That helps us now focus on the present and we become more aware of how our body, thoughts, and feelings are connected. I can confirm now that my son overcomes anxiety, and he knows how to achieve relaxation.  My son misses you already, so do I.

Pam Virdee, Headteacher, Longfield Primary school

The Mindfulness In Schools Programme led By Razeea has been a complete game changer for us. Razeea set up a safe, calm supportive environment  for a large group of children from various backgrounds facing many different challenges in their young lives to work together through the strategies she provided to deal with issues as and when they arise. The children were engaged and applied the learnt strategies to their everyday lives both at home and at school. Razeea delivered it in a way that was special and focussed on each child as an individual.  The feedback from the children and the staff involved was very positive.  My staff now also want to to the training, we all really believe in it.

Sophie Gisbert,
GSK Employee

Razeea’s mindfulness sessions have helped me both professionally and personally. My productivity at work based on my ability to focus and effectively manage distractions. I am able to plan and complete tasks more efficiently as well as be more present during interpersonal interactions. Much appreciated thank you.

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Upcoming Events

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30 Day of 30 mins Mindfulness

1- 29 February 2024


Seven Day Mindfulness
Retreat In Mauritius

20 - 27 April 2024



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